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Washing machines are one of the most important appliances in our homes, allowing us to clean our clothes quickly and efficiently.
But when your washing machine breaks down, it can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience. That’s where professional washing machine repair services come in.

Meet Appliances Fixers – the fast, guaranteed and affordable solution to your problem. We are working for 12 years in this particular field and that’s what have made us the most trustworthy among people, and industry owners. In fact, you can check out our verified customers’ testimonials at our homepage for better satisfaction.

We absolutely proud our team because of great experience, passion and capabilities to solve even complex technical issues of home appliances, especially washing machine. No matter, whether your machine is not getting start, making noise, leaking, not spinning or causing any other issue, contact us and get professional washing machine technician.
And yes, it’s the need of every home to have a machine working perfectly all the seven days in a week for 24 hours a day. Because without this crucial appliance washing clothes is near to impossible nowadays.

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Which Problem You Are Facing With Your Washing Machine?

We all have to face the truth – home appliances issues cannot be counted on fingers.

As a common man, you can only predict the problem but don’t know what exactly it is. In fact, you can’t reveal the exact cause behind it. That’s where you need help from professional repairing services or experts.

Here we have mentioned some common issues you can experience with your washing machine. In fact, we mentioned the causes behind these issues for your better navigation. If you can repair understanding the causes by yourself, do it – but don’t if you are unaware of complete procedure because you might harm your machine that way.

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Machine Won’t Start

It’s the issue always spotted on number one position. It’s common but complex because we have to examine dozens of possible causes behind. The first thing we check here is the signs of life whether it is drawing power or not. However, maybe your gadget has problem with timer, knobs & shafts, washer motor or control board.

Poor Draining

The disturbance of water flowing or dropping refers to the poor draining of washing machine. According to our worthy experience, we observed three main causes behind this phenomenon:

Faulty pump

Damaged hose

Broken belt

Appliances Fixers exactly know how to tackle with these causes efficiently. If you’re facing poor draining issues with you machine, make a call now and get SAME DAY WASHING MACHINE REPAIR SHARJAH service now.

Excessive Vibrations

The only reason behind washing machine vibrations is disturbance in suspension system. Maybe your whole washing machine or its tub is unbalanced. It’s not a big deal, but can lead to some severe problems if you don’t resolve it.  

Washing Machine Leaking

It’s a bit more complex issue which takes time and you might need to spend considerable expenses on this to be honest. Because the possible causes behind leakage involves tub cracking, seal and hose damage. And that’s what costs you more usually.

But don’t worry, we’ll try to be as much as affordable service for you in every way.

Strange Noises

Another common problem with these machines is strange noise production. There might be two types of reasons behind, usual and technical. In usual issues, there might be trapped objects between drum and outer tub. For example, coins and debris.

Imperfect Spinning

It’s the issue directly affects speed and efficiency of your machine. Behind this problem, you can consider some technical causes including broken motor coupler, faulty clutch or even malfunctioning pump.

Also, sometimes unbalanced cycling or overloading cause imperfect or slow spinning.

Pro tip to avoid this problem: always clear out pockets of each cloth before putting it inside the machine.

But what if there’s no object trapped and you still observe noise?

There would be some technical issues with your machine then. Some of them might include loose drum bearings or belt, malfunctioning pump, blocked filter or unbalanced spin cycle load.

Washing Machine Repair

We have a great experienced technical team to fix your appliances more perfectly in a short time.
We are located in Sharjah so we are more efficiently able for washing machine repair in sharjah and nearby areas. Our most Quick service area are; Al Nahda, Al Taawun, Al Khan, Al Majaz, Abu Shaghara, Al Qasimia, Al Rolla, Villah Areas and Muweilah Commercial Sharjah.

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Appliances Fixers – Your Destination Washing Machine Repair Service Sharjah

Yes, you’ve heard the right. We are your destination providing complete solutions to the technical issues related to your home appliances, especially washing machine repair Sharjah.

All of our team members are highly professional, experienced and dedicated to their tasks. You can trust us without any hassle because we are working for more than a decade in Dubai.


Fix Washing Machine In 4 Steps

We have a great experienced technical team to fix your Washing Machine perfectly in a short time.





How to Choose the Right Washing Machine Repair Company In Sharjah Dubai?

Absolutely, there are dozens of benefits you can avail if you promote collaborating with us whenever face any issue with any of your home appliances, especially washing machines.

If we mention some of the core magnetic ones, surely these would be:

Affordability: It always comes first. Our services are quiet pocket-friendly to avail and you don’t need to disturb your budget at all.

Guaranteed: Our services are always guaranteed because we have professionals team to tackle simple to complex tasks, and that’s what you are paying for. Isn’t it amazing?

Same Day Service: We truly care for your valuable time by providing same day services. So, you can say that we are smartly optimizing the use of resources.

Free Estimates: Appliances Fixers offering FREE estimation service to the customers, so you can call, share your machine issue and get an idea of how much will be spend on repair.

Easy Access: You don’t need to get yourself involved in complicate procedures while connecting with. It’s very easy though, pickup our number mentioned here and call. Otherwise, you can click on the “WhatsApp Icon” and chat with us.

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